Arts & Recreation Programs

Creativity is a natural part of being human, but sometimes we forget that people of all ability levels have so much to share. Full Life focuses a tremendous amount of staff time, training and resources toward engaging clients in meaningful activities, arts, crafts, music and fun.

Full Life's highly-regarded program features a diverse calendar to engage everyone's creative genius. Participants can choose music programs, act in our TV or theatre productions, paint and draw or create handmade items that are sold online and to the public.

Our recreation programming promotes a sense of community and helps our clients gain self-esteem. Clients select activities that engage their inner artist, musician, or actor. Through community outings, clients enjoy new places and new people. All programs encourage participants to soar to new levels of creativity, and to find their own Full Life.

Why watch TV when you can make your own?

Theatre, technology, creativity and leadership all combine in this off-beat series produced by clients and staff in collaboration. This is just another one-of-a-kind activity that is part of our everyday.

Watch this video sample to get a sense of the freedom and self-expression encouraged at full life.

Program Components:

  • Art programs give Full Life participants the opportunity to create items which they can sell through a number of different outlets. This allows participants to explore their creative sides and to earn a paycheck. It's art with purpose and it provides a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • The music program at Full Life is led by a musically talented staff which provide clients with the opportunity to create music utilizing a number of different instruments as well as voice. Be it karaoke, drum circles, guitar lessons or electronic noise, there is no limit to the possibilities. Several of our clients have had the opportunity to produce their own CDs in collaboration with peers and staff. Check out our weekly live webcast radio shows featuring Full Life's musicians. They can be found at on Tuesdays from 10-12 and Wednesdays from 2-4.
  • Theatre/television program (including FLASH TV and theatre productions open to the public)
  • Community outings are a huge component of FUll Life, and we pride ourselves on our extensive community integration programming. Full Life participants are given the opportunity to access many of Portland's fun and unique offerings each day that they attend. Our favorite destinations include local libraries, bowling alleys, the sky tram, museums, galleries and the many attractions of Hawthorne street
  • Paid work opportunities are available to clients who want to focus on earning a paycheck. Full Life provides both in-house work opportunities (such as working in our Coffee House, doing work for Free Geek, administrative jobs, and computer-based jobs in the Tech Street program), and community based work opportunities (our flower farm, custodial work at Hot Lips or Whole Body Fitness, and more). Through these opportunities, clients discover new talents and develop real job skills.