People with Potential.

People with Potential.

Full Life has a large talent pool of well qualified job candidates representing a diverse skill set — from entry level to management level and beyond. All of our candidates are motivated, dependable, and hard-working, and are carefully matched to your employment opportunities. In addition to on-going coaching from Full Life, tax credits, on-the-job training, and flexible part-time employees add to your company's savings and bottom line!

Why Full Life?

  • Established Employment Professionals since 1999, with a team of 8 to serve you
  • Large number of candidates at all times; we work with many agencies to find great candidates
  • High Placement and retention rates. We find good matches and work to ensure that the candidate remains a great fit for long-term employment
  • Excellent Employer feedback with many ongoing recruiting relationships
  • Commitment to great hiring and employment experiences

Employer Benefits:

  • Zero cost for Full Life's services
  • Excellent, often un-tapped, labor market
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • Basic Human Resource hiring functions (pre-employment screening/testing, candidate sourcing, interview management) provided at no cost
  • Assistance navigating disability related questions
  • Reduced payroll costs
  • Demonstrates commitment to diversity and inclusion hiring and EEOC

As noted, Full Life's services are completely FREE to the employer. We want to learn about your company, your needs, and your environment. The more we learn, the more we can help! Full Life employment specialists will help you think "outside the box" and assist you with ideas about increasing workplace diversity while decreasing labor costs.


Full Life is contracted with the State of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services. As part of this contract we perform Community-Based Assessments on job candidates. These assessments are an opportunity for Full Life to watch a potential employee at work in the community and to observe his or her job skills, strengths, weaknesses, and what, if any, supports the individual may need to be successful on the job. A report is then provided to Vocational Rehabilitation so that a career "road map" can be established.

Assessments provide your company with a hard-working employee accompanied by an on-site job coach for 20 hours, at no cost. Full Life covers all payroll and insurance during the trial work period. Your business is not in any way obligated to hire the individual, but after meeting them and seeing what they are capable of, you might want to!

If you are interested in hosting assessments, please contact us! By allowing us to conduct assessments at your business, you assist the community by giving individuals with disabilities a chance to show what they can do! It's a great program, and a "win-win" for candidates and employers!

If you are a candidate seeking job development, please email us with your phone number and we will call you back with information about our personalized job development services.

Fact vs. Fiction:

  • Disabled people don't have the job skills I need.
    Reality: It's our job at Full Life to make sure that only candidates with the qualities you need apply for your jobs.
  • It costs a lot to accommodate a disabled person.
    Reality: 70% of disabled candidates require no accommodations, and those that are required are generally minimal.
  • We really don't have many disabled customers.
    Reality: 54 Million Americans are disabled. This is the 3rd largest market segment in the country.
  • Disabled employees won't be able to do the job.
    Reality: Over 90% of employees with disabilities rated average or better on their performance reviews. People with disabilities have no greater absenteeism rates than non-disabled employees, and the safety record of employees with disabilities is virtually identical to non-disabled employees.
(Dupont multi-year Study)

Working with Full Life is a great investment wrapped in an act of kindness. Discover why working with People with Potential™ is great for your business and all Oregonians.

Companies that understand People with Potential:

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