Employer Spotlight

New Seasons: Friendliest store in town.

Fionn Murphy — a star at New Seasons, Mountain Park:
According to Assistant Front End Manager Anjela Ford, "Fionn is a rock star!" Fionn started with New Seasons over 1 year ago as a courtesy clerk/front end team member. Since Fionn's hire date, he has grown immensely in his role taking on leadership responsibility. When questions arise, the other grocery team members go to Fionn and use his problem-solving skills and feedback to guide them. According to Angela, "We have benefitted so much from having Fionn... he is awesome".

Fionn has also had an incredible experience at New Seasons. He takes special pride in his leadership role with the other courtesy clerks and enjoys training and mentoring. Fionn says "I am glad I took this job, New Seasons is so great! They are over the top (in their) caring about me and other employees". Fionn has learned a lot about the grocery industry and especially appreciates the financial stability and friendships that his job at New Seasons has given to him.

Full Life applauds New Seasons commitment to diversity and inclusion in their stores. Always a pleasure to work with, New Seasons exemplifies a company that doesn't just talk about inclusion-but actually makes it happen!