Tech St.

Full Life trains people for all sorts of positions-some of which may surprise you. Our Tech St. program teaches participants computer, business, teamwork and employment skills with a specific focus on job development and socialization for people living with Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disability or autism spectrum disorder that impairs stereotypical patterns of behavior and social interactions. Our program is a safe space for the crew to exercise positive behaviors learned through communication workshops and social exchanges during our program time. On the job development side Tech Street offers up to two hours of paid work opportunities to members doing a variety of technologically based tasks on the programs computers from brochure design, data entry, Amazon product sales, HTML and CSS training, blogging, and recreational workshop planning. It's an exciting thing to see positive changes in the lives of the Tech Street members because of the community they have formed, enriching each others lives through friendship and common experience.

Tech Street continues to flex their computer skills by and the sky's the limit with this talented crew!

Not what you expected from this kind of program? We're proud to say that our diverse programs cater to a wide range of abilities and our staff has the passion, insight and imagination to make the most of our clients' potential.